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Give your financials an IQ test

Luckie IQ combs through every detail of your revenue and marketing approaches to optimize demand for your products and services.

Using Luckie IQ, you can eliminate financial risk by addressing the most pressing challenges with gross to net sales, trade and distribution strategy, sizing a new market, or new product launches.

count on luckie iq to:

  • Identify gross-to-net sales issues
  • Maximize your marketing investments, including Salesforce spending
  • Enhance new product launch and post-launch marketing effectiveness
  • Deliver market size and market structure recommendations

A glimpse into Luckie IQ in action

Diagnostic analysis

  • Growth Sales vs. Net Sales
  • Media Investment and ROI
  • Product Launch Effectiveness
  • New Market Opportunities

LuckieIQ in action

Maximizing healthcare marketing investments

Increased reach and engagement with optimized media spend

Accepting the Challenge

The #1 hospital system in a top 10 US market tasked us to streamline its process for identifying and targeting high-value consumers. With Luckie IQ, we worked within the existing media spend to produce vastly more efficient results.


Removing the Luck

The strategy was to optimize channel investment and patient journeys simultaneously. Through Luckie IQ, we created a proprietary model to recommend adjustments in our client partner’s media buying approach. Our statistical algorithm eliminated luck, boosting the impact of the media spend.


Delivering results

Our client made more efficient use of $2.4 million earmarked for media investment. The model also helped them repurpose $1.2 million away from outdated media models, like print, and expanded their reach. A revamped messaging strategy with customized communication across target segments resulted in higher engagement.


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